The following policy was adopted by St Swithun's PCC at a meeting held on 8th May 2017 and it is intended that it will be adopted by the other three PCCs of the Saxonwell Group in due course:

St Swithun's Church, Long Bennington, PCC values the dignity, worth and potential of all, and thus seeks to ensure equal priority and opportunity for all without regards to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, veteran status, or any other characteristic in the use of St Swithun's Church and its facilities, or involvement in associated activities. This commitment to equal status includes, but is not limited to, the folowing areas: use of the Church buildings and all its facilities, participation in PCC organised activities, membership of the PCC and the planning and scope of all its future endeavors.

Overall, the PCC will be guided by the principle that equal opportunity to access to the Church, its facilities and its activities is open to all.

Further, the PCC will seek to comply with all National and European Law that relates to the provision of equal opportunities; it will also be guided by advise and direction from the Church of England and the Diocese of Lincoln.