On Saturday 27th January members from all our churches were invited to join advisors from the Diocesan Developing Discipleship team as we discussed what God is calling us to do here in the Saxonwell Group.  A new group Mission Statement had already been proosed at the inital meeting back in October 2014, and it was unaminously agreed.

Together we exist to share Christ’s love in our community with joyful hope, compassion and service to all 
In small groups we thought about what God was calling us to look like in 5years time, which lead to the Vision statement:
We believe that God is calling us together to live in a faithful and Christ-like way, reflecting his inclusive, healing and accepting love for all, by placing our churches at the heart of the local community.
After coffee churches discussed what their indivdiual goals would be over the next 5 years to help them reach this shared vision. 
It was a lovely, very production day, both in bringing the churches together and in looking forward as to the next churches in developing the individual churches. 

 Vision day 1Vision Day 2