Foston Village

Foston Village

Foston is one of four villages in the Saxonwell Group of Parishes. The village has over 200 properties with an adult population of almost 450. Several new properties are either recently occupied or in the process of construction. Housing is a mixture of privately owned, rented and council houses and bungalows.

Residents are a mixture of retired, those who work locally and those who commute further afield. Children travel to infant / primary schools at either Long Bennington or Allington ( both church schools) or to comprehensive or grammar schools in Grantham and Welbourne.

A number of small businesses operate from the village and there are three working arable farms.

Foston has historical links with Long Bennington and the opening of the link road between the two villages means that residents no longer have to cross the A1 road to travel between them. This is of benefit to both villages.

Foston has a large and well kept Village Hall which hosts various events during the year. It is used on a regular basis by groups in the village.

The Women's Institute has a thriving membership.

Church members in Allington, Foston, Long Bennington and Sedgebrook produce and distribute 3000 copies of the Saxonwell Group Parish News once a month. . Many  businesses advertise and both churches benefit from any cash surplus each year.

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